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Don’t Let Your Work Injury Get You Down

You are a dedicated employee. You are proud to do your best every day. You never thought you would be sidelined by an injury at work. Now, you are sitting in a hospital bed. You are looking at a long healing process. You fear there will be a long wait that involves physical therapy. There is even the possibility that you won’t ever come back the way you were before your injury. You need a workers compensation attorney salem oregon to help you figure out what to do about your future.

Give Yourself Breathing Room with Compensation

You are worried. Without your regular pay while you are recuperating, you are going to be in trouble. The world isn’t going to stop just because you were hurt. You will still need to turn on the water and heat in your home. You still need groceries. You’ll need gas in your car. You have a mortgage to pay. None of these things are going to go away just because you were hurt while you were at work. Filing a workers compensation claim can help you to put this difficult chapter in your life behind you.

Move Forward with Your Workers Compensation Attorney

Your workers compensation attorney understands what you are going through when you have been hurt at work. Your attorney also knows how the legal system works. There are documents that have to be filed in order to successfully process your claim. Your attorney will look at all the facts involved in the case. You can trust that every detail will be addressed. Your lawyer will also be involved in all discussions with your employer, the insurance companies, and the hospital to gather all the information necessary to file your claim. When your claim is handled properly from the start by an expert, you can rest assured that you will receive the workers compensation you need. You didn’t ask to get hurt on the job. You deserve to receive reimbursement to help you to take care of your obligations until you are well again.